HSR PhD Graduates Receive Two Distinguished AAMA Awards

Park award 1Recent Health Services Research graduate, Sinyoung Park, PhD was awarded the 2014 American Academy of Medical Administrators Student Research Paper of the Year Award based on her dissertation research. Sinyoung’s paper titled “Which Provider Service Network Type is More Efficient in Florida Medicaid Managed Care?” addressed the difference in healthcare expenditures between health system-based PSNs and physician-based PSNs. Using a difference in difference regression approach, the study findings indicated that compared to enrollees in physician-based PSNs, enrollees in health system-based PSNs were more likely to have higher expenditures on average during the post period. However, the trends in expenditures over time in health system-based PSNs decreased at a greater rate relative to the trends for enrollees in physician-based PSNs. Dr. Park made a brief presentation and was recognized at The National Summit of Medical Administrators in Clearwater, January 19-21, 2015.

Besser award 1Health Services Research graduate, Christopher S. Besser, PhD, MS, MHA, MBA, FACHE, CFAAMA was awarded the 2014 American Academy of Medical Administrators YC Parris Young Federal Healthcare Executive of the Year Award. He accepted this award in January at the opening plenary of the National Summit of Medical Administrators in Clearwater, Florida. Major Besser is the first Army recipient since 2001. He currently serves as Assistant Professor, US Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration. Recipients of this distinguished award must have at least four years employment in the Federal Health System, demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities, overall capabilities, communication skills, customer service and innovation/creativity. The recipient’s accomplishments will have direct or indirect beneficial influence on the healthcare management profession and additional achievements beyond those inherent to his formal employment.

Congratulations to both Sinyoung and Chris!
Our PhD graduates continue to represent the Gator Nation well!
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