HASA elects new leadership!

The Health Administration Student Association recently held elections for their organizational leadership for the 2016-2017 year!

Congratulations to the incoming HASA Board Members and Chairs: 

President: Kelsey Torgerson, Class of 2017
Vice-President: Kelli Ahles, Class of 2017
Secretary: Michelle Gittino, Class of 2017
Treasurer: Alex Cardoso, Class of 2017

Fundraising Chair: Clara Engelmann, Class of 2017
Social Committee: Lauren Aziz and Kelli Ahles, Class of 2017; Jillian Kohlbrand, Ciera Hall, and Marissa Falcone, Class of 2018
Alumni Relations Committee: Cali Sanford, Brandon Peckham, and Amara Kiamrajh, Class of 2017; Jackie Svekis and Abby Wolz, Class of 2018
Health Conference Committee: Venessa Bibeau and Kelsey Torgerson, Class of 2017; Keandra Brown-Davis and Zeinab Shaaban, Class of 2018
Recruitment Committee: Michelle Gittino and Kelsey Torgerson, Class of 2017; Ashley Harrold and Katie Peters, Class of 2018
Communications Committee: Natalie Boruk and Leilani Johnson, Class of 2018
Community Service Committee: Matt Weider, Class of 2017; Karen Cohen and Jean Saltivan, Class of 2018


We appreciate these MHA students for their commitment, leadership, and service!