Faculty Spotlight – Matt Cottler

Matt Cottler, MBA, shares how healthcare IT integrates into teaching as an adjunct instructor for UF MHA.

Matt Cottler, MBA

Matt Cottler joined the UF Department of Health Services Research, Management and Policy as an adjunct professor in August 2019, where he focuses primarily on teaching the course, “Information Systems for Healthcare”, to UF MHA students.

Retired from full-time work, Cottler previously lead the Customer Support organization for UF Healthcare IT, where his team was responsible for support of all end-user devices in UF Health Gainesville, in addition to three of the UF Health Science Center colleges.

His enthusiasm for digital systems stems from his forty-year career building teams and providing computing support both to Aerospace and Healthcare Industries. Whether converting illustrations for airplanes from ink pen drawings to digital illustrations on computers or developing multi-functional printing devices for the office environment, explaining computer systems has been a significant foundation of Cottler’s work. His background transforming the workplace into a digital-friendly environment comfortably complements the knowledge he imparts on UF MHA students.

“I love explaining how Information Systems are the underlying foundation of how healthcare gets delivered, and how administrators need to be the bridge between providers and IT professionals,” says Cottler.

Working with future healthcare leaders as an adjunct has been as enjoyable as it has been encouraging, Cottler shares. He has found a “renewed appreciation” of the role of educators.

“Being involved as [an UF MHA] faculty member has taught me the future of patient healthcare will be improved with our students as future administrators.”

Seeing UF MHA students graduate and excel in healthcare careers, especially healthcare IT positions, has been the proudest accomplishment for Cottler during his time 

Cottler heralds trust as the key component to success for those aspiring to a career in healthcare leadership – and, ultimately, any career. “Without trust,” shares Cottler, “you can’t build true business relationships and successful high performance teams.”

Outside of the classroom, Cottler enjoys time in the kitchen. An avid baker, he has made his own bread for thirty years. He also grows his own hot peppers for homemade salsa. Cottler enjoys global travel, often scuba dives, and immerses himself in underwater photography.

His favorite pastime, however? Spending moments with family. “I absolutely love being a grandpa,” Cottler declares.