UF MHA Competencies

Healthcare Environment and Community (2 competencies)

HEC-1 Perform needs assessments and environmental analyses in support of program and organizational development

HEC-2 Analyze and synthesize government policies, laws, and regulations that affect the health care environment

Healthcare Organizations and Performance (4 competencies)

HOP-1 Propose, develop, and defend strategic approaches to operational effectiveness based on quantitative and qualitative evaluations

HOP-2 – Understand the social determinants of health and how they can affect the design, delivery, and outcomes of programs and services

HOP-3 – Incorporate principles and tools of human resource management, organizational behavior and change management to achieve organizational goals

HOP-4 – Understand and articulate the role of health information systems for administrative and clinical functions, including issues that may impact patient care, data privacy, and systems security for the enterprise  

Business Analysis and Techniques (4 competencies)

BAT-1 – Describe project management techniques and systems-thinking to plan and manage initiatives involving resources, scope, and impact

BAT-2 – Assess multiple dimensions of financial performance to measure and improve the financial viability of healthcare organizations

BAT-3 – Evaluate and make recommendations for clinical and organizational performance using statistical and qualitative management techniques and procedures

BAT-4 – Apply health economics concepts to the analyses of pricing, service demand, and risk

Leadership and Professionalism (4 competencies)

LP-1 – Organize a team with balanced capabilities and effective group processes to create team member accountability for collective results

LP-2 – Apply effective and appropriate oral and written communication skills

LP-3 – Assess individual strengths and weaknesses and engage in continual professional development

LP-4 – Model professional behavior, values, and ethics

Competency Attainment Level Review:

            Level 1: know / understand

            Level 2: perform/ complete

            Level 3: lead/ teach

(Revised AY 2022-23)