Ph.D. Course Descriptions

HSA 6858 – Internship in Health Services Research (1-6; max: 6) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Supervised fieldwork. S/U.

HSA 6910 – Supervised Research (1-5; max: 5) S/U.

HSA 6911 – Research Seminar in Health Services Research (1; max: 6) Research presentations by graduate students. S/U.

HSA 6940 – Supervised Teaching (1-5; max: 5) S/U.

HSA 7106 – Seminar in Health Care Access and Utilization (3) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Overview of context and processes in which individuals seek and obtain health care services; distributional issues; equity.

HSA 7116 – Health Services Organizational Research (3) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Major perspectives in organization theory and their applications to health care sector.

HSA 7157 – Research Foundations of Health Policy (3) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. In-depth examination of U.S. health policy issues concerning cost, quality, and access, and interdisciplinary research methods used to address such issues.

HSA 7936 – Seminar in Health Care Costs and Financing (3) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Examination of health services research related to costs and financing. Cost measurement and analysis, health insurance, sources and methods of payment, current policy.

HSA 7414 – Society, Health, and Medical Care (3) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Overview of health and medical care as sociocultural phenomena; health behaviors, health care organizations, and health services delivery in social and historical context.

HSA 7437 – Advanced Health Economics (3) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Exposure to advanced economics models of health care sector, including static and dynamic models of consumer and producer behavior, risk selection in insurance markets, and optimal reimbursement mechanisms.

HSA 7707 – Health Services Research Methods I (3) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Current and historical thinking about philosophy of science and scientific modeling. Experimental and quasi-experimental design. Introduction to measurement and sampling.

HSA 7708 – Health Services Research Methods II (3) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Review and appraisal of methods. Findings and examples from historical and contemporary studies. Introduction to qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

HSA 7759 – Quality and Outcomes in Health Services Research (3) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Current research concerning small area variation, outcomes, appropriateness, and effectiveness. Theory and specifics of alternative quality improvement and assurance approaches. History of approaches to health care quality assessment.

HSA 7905 – Advanced Individual Study in Health Services Research (1-3; max: 6)

HSA 7938 – Advanced Seminar in Health Services Research (3) Prerequisite: completion of graduate core program and preliminary dissertation topic.

HSA 7979 – Advanced Research (1-4) Research for doctoral students before admission to candidacy. Designed for students with a master’s degree in the field of study or for students who have been accepted for a doctoral program. S/U.

HSA 7980 – Research for Doctoral Dissertation (1-15) S/U.