Student Life


Sometimes there are too many options and paths that finding the right one proves a bit tricky. Below are a few resources to make it just a bit easier. For new and old students alike, find out the important things to help you situate better in this period of your life as a student.


In the mood for something in particular? Not sure what to grab to eat? Whether near campus or not, Gainesville has plenty of wonderful places to grab a bite.


From on-campus to off-campus, roommates or single, furnished or unfurnished — the choices are endless. With a variety of places, you’re bound to find the right fit for you.

International Students

Transitioning to a new environment and culture has many challenges and bumps. The Department strives to help make the shift a smoother process.

Things to Do

On a weekend, vacation or day off, what fun spots does Gainesville have to offer? Enjoy a nature hike, stroll through Celebration Pointe and so much more.