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Dr. Nicole Marlow: Recipient of AAP Clinical Research Award

Dr. Nicole Marlow and co-authors were recently recognized by the American Academy of Periodontology. The paper, “An Evidenced-Based Scoring Index to Determine the Periodontal Prognosis on Molars” was awarded the AAP Clinical Research Award. This award is presented to the most outstanding peer-reviewed scientific article with direct clinical…

MBA/MHA degree meets critical need

The health care industry is one the nation's fastest-growing sectors, and dynamic professionals with a mastery of both health care and business policies are in critical demand. UF's MBA/MHA dual degree meets this demand.

Dr. Arch G. Mainous, III, serves as lead author of prediabetes study in England

Rates of prediabetes have risen sharply in England, and without intervention, the nation may experience a steep increase in diabetes in the coming years, according to University of Florida researchers working with the University of Leicester in England. Prediabetes rates among English adults rose from about 12 percent in…

Quality of health-related Internet searches varies

Dr. Christopher Harle and colleagues discovered that Web searches on the diagnosis and treatment of physical disease or injuries yielded higher-quality information than searches for preventive health and social health information.