Ralph Horky, MHS


(352) 273-5420
HPNP, Room 3114

Ralph Horky’s experience covers a broad array of academic medical institutions.

In his early career in Health Services Research at Johns Hopkins University, he worked on studies comparing health care processes and outcomes in HMO and non-HMO populations. At Johns Hopkins Hospital he held departmental management positions in the Department of Medicine and as the Administrator of Pharmacy Services. Joining a new corporate team to unite Albany Medical College and Albany Medical Center Hospital he generally guided collaborative redevelopment projects with the Hospital and Medical College and managed the convergence of core operational areas such as information systems and communications.

As senior strategist for New England Deaconess, Ralph linked the clinical and scientific strengths of Harvard’s youngest appointing hospital with a complementary network of community hospitals. Working directly and closely with Departmental Chairmen, he developed general strategy, identified candidate hospitals and was a senior team leader in acquisition and merger activities. As Senior Vice President for Strategy Shands Health Care (University of Florida) Ralph established practical planning processes launching new cooperative academic and clinical programs were in Diabetes, Live Liver Donor Transplant, Wound Care, Deep Brain Stimulation, Sleep Disorders and many other areas.

Ralph teaches graduate courses in “Systems Thinking” and “Strategic Management” in the University of Florida School of Public Health and Health Professions and lectures in strategic planning and organizational theory. He consults in medical school teaching hospital relationships and in clinical program research center development. His career-long interest in academic and clinical units has led him to develop the University Medical Center (UMC) simulation, a tool for improving tactical management at divisopn llevel in academic medical centers.

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