Toni J. Ratliff, BSN, RN, MBA

Associate Director Health/Admin
UF Student Health Care Center


Toni Ratliff, RN, BSN, MBA, has taught Performance Improvement in the University of Florida School of Public Health and Health Professions since 2009. She has served as an MHA preceptor since 2001 and enjoys contributing to the continuous learning environment at the University of Florida.

As a graduate of the University of Florida College of Nursing and Nova Southeastern University, Toni uses systems theory in improving all aspects of healthcare. Using her nursing background, Toni has added value to past work in acute care, academic and home health systems. It continues to contribute to her current role as an executive at the Student Health Care Center. She is successful at making complex healthcare processes simple while positively impacting the patient experience and clinical performance in healthcare systems.

Toni is known for transformational leadership evidenced by her ability to effectively impact system-wide initiatives. She provides structure to all processes and quickly improves key metrics. Toni is interested in understanding and operationalizing the gifts each person brings to organizations.

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