Florida Dental Care Study

A Closer Look into Oral Health Behaviors and Care

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The Florida Dental Care Study (FDCS) was a highly successful longitudinal, observational cohort study of oral health and dental care. A great deal was learned from this study and the research team published 75 peer-reviewed scientific research articles in 30 different journal titles. This study was funded by 8 grants from the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Grant Investigators and Staff

R P Duncan, Senior Associate Dean & Professor University of Florida, Department of Health Services Research, Management & Policy
G H Gilbert, Distinguished Professor & Chair University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Clinical and Community Sciences

Original Aims

Stages of Data Collection

Questionnaires Used in the Study

List of Peer-Reviewed Publications From the FDCS

Study Results

FDCS Funding and Awards

Eligibility Criteria for FDCS Participants

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