Learning Collaborative 6:Professional Development for Infection Prevntionists: Tactics for Teams, Communication, Conflicts Resolution, Change Management, and Accountability

January 10, 2024 – February 14, 2024

During these six weeks, participants will learn about the following:

  1. “Developing Skills for Leadership”
    Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2024
    Time: 1:30 PM EST 
    Topics: Assessing your leadership strengths, identifying your weaknesses.
    Learning Objectives: Identify skills required for formal and informal leadership and recognize personal leadership styles. 
  1. “Knowing Your Team”
    Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2024
    Time: 1:30 PM EST    
    Topics: Evaluating team effectiveness, identifying areas for development. 
    Learning Objectives: Understand different working styles and optimize team dynamics. 
  1. “Strategies for Effective Communication”
    Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2024
    Time: 1:30 PM EST 
    Topics: Developing a communication style, tailoring your message to the audience.
    Learning Objectives: Learn and adapt communication techniques to facilitate working relationships. 
  1. “Managing and Resolving Conflict”
    Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2024
    Time: 1:30 PM EST 
    Topics: Identifying and preparing for conflict, creating a management strategy for conflict.
    Learning Objectives: Apply strategies aimed at managing and resolving workplace conflict. 
  1. “Change Management”
    Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2024
    Time: 1:30 PM EST   
    Topics: Assessing the organization’s readiness for change, development of implementation strategies. 
    Learning Objectives: Develop skills needed for fostering positive change in the workplace. 
  1. “Sustaining Change”
    Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2024
    Time: 1:30 PM EST 
    Topics: Accountability and responsibility to sustain improvements. 
    Learning Objectives: Learn strategies for measuring, monitoring, and sustaining change.